Mission 5 is out!!!

Alot of you already know but i havent been on in a while Because i was on holidays but mission 5 is out!
Its called 'The Generals Clue'.
at the start there's a vid of a dude giving another dude a laptop which is stupid because who would film that? Scholastic is getting way over their heads...
There is not real game at the end but there is two other games. 1 : twist and turn the rip up not to make it a letter thats readable. 2 : throw a grapple onto a tower. My advice is not to move the aiming at all. Change the angle to 39 and play with the strength until you get it.
Set in Madrid and Bogota, You must find Simon Bolivar's Tomb, where the clue is hidden.
Highlight to read the clue : lead.
Continue Hunting!

Book 6 comes out soon!

The39Clues Madrigal Maze Game!

This is the 39 clues iphone/ ipodtouch application called the madrigal maze! Watch this video of the gameplay!

Following their footsteps...

For those of you who don't know, i have just started my tour of The 39 Clues. Im visiting the countries they went to, France, Venice, Russia and all that. Im visiting the places they went to including the catacombs - it really does have a magic box!
if anyone has any questions just ask me, i'm currently in Paris. next stop, Venice!
Note: i may not get back to you for a while because of the limited wi-fi here.

Amy and Dan visit the Ausies!!!

It looks like Amy and Dan are going to come to Australia in book 6!!! Patrick Carman said on the live interview.
They come to Australia to the Tomas Strong Hold where i believe Dan finds out he's a Tomas.
And in the next book, book 7, it sounds like they stay in Australia a little longer...
What i still dont get is if they get 1 clue every book how are they going to get 39 in 10 books???
If anyone has and help or hints comment or email me and it might go onto the blog!!!

The 39 Clues Competition 2 answers and winners!

The winner is...(Drum roll, please,)...JD39!
Congrats you won some 39 clues books, cards, backpack and more!
JD39 scored 50 out of 50, a true cahill!!!
In second place was Yik Hin Wong with a score of 49. He has won the choice of the second ultra-rare card or 10 cards!!!
In third place was Noah Arsenault and Gormartin!!! They scored 48 out of 50 right!
Congrats winners email me for you prize!!!
Here are the answers!!!Highlight them...
Question 19 and 20 are there their numbers just aren't shown!!!:)
Don't forget to read the secret message at the bottom!!!
  1. Book 1: Rick Riordan, Book 2: Gordon Korman, Book 3: Peter Lerangis, Book 4: Jude Watson, Book 5: Patrick Carman.
  2. Book 1: The maze of Bones, Book 2: One False Note, Book 3: The Sword Thief, Book 4: Beyond the Grave, Book 5: The Black Circle.
  3. Nellie Gomez
  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  5. Alistar Oh
  6. An Egyptian God( Multiple answers are acceptable)
  7. Hilary Vale
  8. Ian Kabra
  9. To replace the cemetery, Built in Paris, France.
  10. Book 1: September, 2008( no exact date needed) Book 2: December, 2008, Book 3 March 2009, Book 4: June, 2009, Book 5: August, 2009.
  11. Card 60, E-ray, Card 141, The sandstone City.
  12. Cards 74-79, Irina Spasky, Grace's guidebook, The myrrh Tree, Secrets of Budapest, Sakhet, David Livingstone.
  13. Telegram
  14. David Livingstone
  15. Reagan Holt
  16. 61
  17. 116
  18. 126
  19. 10, 26, 41, 50, 52, 59
  20. 90-95 ( The book was not released yet back then so this counts)
  21. Multiples answers...
  22. Multiple answers...
  23. Multiple answers...
  24. Multiple answers...
  25. ( i will just do numbers, to lazy) 2, 18, 33, 36, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 75, 94, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141.
  26. 1, 2, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 26, 28, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 39.
  27. (You can check the answers on the 39 clues site)
  28. 20
  29. 8
  30. 8
  31. 8
  32. 8
  33. 7
  34. Combo 39, card 141
  35. Combo 20, Cards 74-79
  36. Multiple Answers( check with me if you want to confirm all the cards in whatever branch)
  37. Multiple Answers
  38. Multiple Answers
  39. Multiples Answers
  40. Tomas- Strength, Math, Ekats- History, Knowledge, Janus- Arts and Talent, Lucians- Spies ans strategy.
  41. Lab Rat, Decoder, Follow Me, Skeet Shoot, Snake Charmer, Stunt pilot trainer, Dogfight, Find it, Nitpix, Photo Recall, GRidlock, Safe Cracking.
  42. 17000
  43. No
  44. Yes
  45. Yes
  46. No
  47. No
  48. Yes
  49. Episode 1, The Hunt Begins, Episode 2, Crossing Swords, Episode 3, Trust No one, Episode 4, Beyond the Grave.
  50. 1000
Well done to every one who competed!!!

The 39 Clues Glitch #3

This glitch was submitted by Sean Conley.
If you type 'trustnoone' in add cards you get five cards; 53, 56, 39, 66 and 43!!!
This is also repeatable so you can do it lots of times!!!
If anyone else has a glitch send it to me!

Sean Conley.

The 39 Clues News #9

Book 5 is out!!! SO, most people know they go to Russia right? Well, they do. And in Russia what do they do? I haven't finished the book yet so i'm not sure yet!
The new clue is a lucian clue. Higlight underneath to view the clue.
Clue: Amber. Location: Russia. Branch: Lucian.
In arena39 it is still in a test episode 0. It is puzzling everone. My thought is that they want you to get a good score so they work out about how many people play arena39 or something?
Also about arena39, there is now 2 weekly challenges, find it and follow me. i would suggest that you do follow me because a 1000 will probably be your highscore! Also, with my poll, the people who said they got a score of over 200 000 are lying! It is impossible! Got ya!
They haven't really updated the website much sadly:(
If you have any important info feel free to comment!!!